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How did the travel agency has been founded?
My wife was employed in a Berlin travel agency at the beginning of the 1990s. When the owner wanted to open a travel agency in Forst (Lausitz) in 1993 and could not find any local staff, he asked if she wanted to do so. Our condition at the time was that I join the company. Shortly afterwards we came to Forst.
A few years later we were faced with the decision to go into business for ourselves with the travel agency. In 1998 we were able to open our travel agency.

Moving to a small town as a Berliner, I imagine that could be difficult.
My father told me to think it over. Forst is a semicircle, so the customer circle is limited. Nevertheless, I have not regretted my decision.

Why travelling?
Traveling is simply fun, almost everyone likes to travel to get to know the world and other cultures – it never gets bored. Each client is individual, some come to me with exact ideas for their next trip, others get involved with me putting the trips together. Whether it’s a study trip, a wellness trip, a package trip – finding the right thing for everyone – that’s the beauty of it.

What are the challenges?
It is always a new challenge to adjust to the customers, to involve the customers in the planning of the group tours and to put together the tours – always with the aim to consider all wishes.

Who are your typical customers?
These are travel-loving inhabitants of Forst. In group travel, the interest is greatest among the 50+ age group. Apart from that, there are travel requests among young people as well as the older generation. It’s always different. The travel wishes range from individual trips to package tours to round trips.

Is there anything you would not want to miss anymore?
Once or twice a year I offer group tours, mainly for single travellers. We then discuss the destination for the next trip at a joint customer evening. These trips with “my shopping queens” are always very nice and varied. Of course, it is also a challenge to adapt to each and every one of them, to take into account all wishes and to bring everything together. In the meantime I have been offering these trips for almost 15 years and love the family atmosphere.

„The greatest sight there is the world – check it out!“
Kurt Tucholsky

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