The project

The SchauFENSTER Forst (Lausitz) sees itself as a forum for information and communication, for stylistic diversity and cross-industry cooperation. It is intended to serve as a digital interface for the various industries in Forst (Lausitz). “Look there, look here, look in” is the motif with which the SchauFENSTER Forst (Lausitz) invites people from shops, stores and companies to trade(s). It is about building a bridge between the analogue and digital world. Retailers and service providers present their very personal stories and make them more visible to residents and visitors to the city.

What are the stories behind the counters? Who was a professional handball player and coach? Who studied German language and literature and what is she/he doing today? What happened to the chocolate lady? What moved a Berliner to become a “Forster” 30 years ago? How did the history of the town of Forst (Lausitz) bring people together who would probably not have met otherwise?

The SchauFENSTER Forst (Lusatia) is dedicated to diversity and is a place for information and communication in addition to episodes and stories. It serves as a medium to highlight the unique selling proposition of the individual and to create a cross-sectoral digital networking platform.

The project “MITTENDRIN STATTEN AUßEN VOR” is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Homeland and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF federal programme “Education, Economy, Work in the Quarter – BIWAQ”.

How can we help?

Do you want to tell us your (company) history? Who do you know whose story needs to be told? If you are interested or have questions, please contact us.