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Would you tell us something about your company history?
I originally come from Cottbus and followed my great love to Rosenheim. There I completed an apprenticeship as an interior decorator. I liked the profession, so after my apprenticeship I did my master’s degree and founded the company in 2006. I started the business as a sideline. In 2019, we decided to come back to Lusatia to be closer to the family again. Since then, I’ve been running the business full-time.

What do you like best about your job?
Everything! The profession is so versatile, every job is something new. Customers bring real treasures to me, for example an old armchair that you can see the history of. Now and then a lost heirloom from the attic. All this furniture is given a new shine, which is a lot of fun.
But I don’t just work on “old” pieces, I often create something new. Here a few cushions, there a new window decoration or trendy outdoor cushions. I’m always happy to see what comes out of the individual fabrics and ideas. I’m very enthusiastic about this varied profession.
Interior decorators are not just upholsterers, but small craftsmen. Customers also approach me with the most unusual requests: whether it’s upholstering a tractor, making a weapons bag or furnishing a baby’s room with textiles. I try to take into account the style and preferences of the customer. Every consultation is individual, everything is made to measure. It is very important to me that my customers are 1,000% satisfied with their ideas and wishes.

What was the biggest challenge in setting up the business?
The biggest challenge is still balancing family and career. Since I was employed, I could only do the first jobs in the evenings or at the weekend.

You are now starting from scratch here, because you couldn’t bring your customers with you.
That’s true. Some of my regular customers have already had cushions sewn. I send smaller decorative items by post, but unfortunately that’s not possible with the larger pieces of furniture.
Building up a customer base is difficult. It takes time and I find my customers through word of mouth. Starting a new business in the Corona year 2020 didn’t make it any easier either. But I am mobile and sometimes travel as far as Berlin or Dresden. It’s all a matter of organisation, contact beforehand takes place by email or phone or video call.

Where do you get the fabrics from?
My fabric suppliers come from all over Europe. There is something for every style.
If the customer already has his fabric, it is no problem for me to process it.

What are your plans for the future?
My dream is to have my own small shop with a workshop where I can display my things. An offer for sewing courses for individual matters of the heart is already in the starting blocks. There is room for up to 5 people, everyone brings their own sewing machine and we sew together. Upcycling or redesigning, there are no limits to your imagination.

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