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When the business became yours, where were the challenges?
In the years before I took over, I had always worked well with my father. In the process, a lot of things were already done by me and when my father then retired from the business, it was more of a formality. However, running a company alone is something else. You feel the responsibility for the whole company and especially for the employees.
The biggest challenge for all retailers and producers is the competition, especially with supra-regional retailers and large companies. We try to attract customers with tradition and quality. The offer has to be right.

Has shopping behaviour changed recently?
Due to the development of the last few years, we have noticed that some people are more aware of themselves. As a result of the fact that many things we had become accustomed to, such as travelling, were not possible, more people have rented their own garden, for example, where vegetables are grown again. Of course, because of the restrictions at the border, some new customers came to us. So our offer and the favourable prices, also in comparison with Poland, became better known.

What else do you offer besides the nursery?
In the nursery, the rose is traditionally in the foreground. Another mainstay is landscaping, where we are also active nationwide. Not to forget the floristry business. We are a supplier for Fleurop, which is very popular.

Is there anything you would like to see from the city or the district?
For me and my company, I hope to continue working well with the administration. In principle, more proactive business promotion would be desirable. Almost 100 per cent of the companies in the business park are Forster entrepreneurs who have expanded. It is to be hoped that something will happen in the next few years, especially in view of the structural change. In order for the retail trade in Forst, and thus also us, to fare better, the attractiveness of the city must increase. That way, young families will hopefully stay here or, at best, even settle here.

What role does Forst play as a location for you and your company?
Forst is my home town. I have been rooted here since my childhood and work in the family business. This feeling of being able to make a difference and shape things for the city despite difficult times is important to me as a private person and entrepreneur. It makes me happy when my employees start families. That is very important to me and it shows that there are definitely some reasons to feel good in Forst and the surrounding area. I am absolutely aware of the problems, but I also see the opportunities. Even with simple means it is possible to make a difference. That’s what I’m trying to show, and even if some people don’t see it that way, I think it can be done. You just have to have courage and do the right thing.

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