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You founded the company in 1990. What was the background for this decision?
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, I had to reorient myself. I had previously worked for the Society for Sport and Technology, but it was dissolved at the beginning of the 1990s. So there were only two options for me. Either to retrain, I could choose between driving instructor and insurance salesman, or to change completely. The driving instructor training took place in the Harz Mountains. That was not possible for family reasons. I didn’t want to start all over again. So I chose the insurance course. Early on, I decided to become self-employed. I wanted – and want – to advise and accompany my clients well.

What is the most important thing in your work?
Insurance is a product that no one wants, but everyone needs. Trust plays a very important role here. If I want a new pair of trousers, for example, I go to a shop, look at the trousers, try them on and then stand in front of a mirror and see if I like them. That’s not possible with insurance. Here it’s all about trust, without trust it doesn’t work.
I like working with people. It is important to me to accompany my clients. I feel connected to my customers. In case of damage or questions, they have to be able to reach me. Everything else is secondary.

You have had your company for almost 30 years now. What are or were the biggest challenges?
I had to learn everything all over again. That’s not easy with a small child at home. The second big challenge was in 2000, when I graduated as a businessman in insurance and financial services. In distance learning, it is more difficult to motivate yourself.
Then there are the technical challenges that come with the industry. The many ways to get information today, on the internet, via social media. In order to always be able to provide competent information on all questions, I regularly take advantage of further training.

What role does Forst (Lausitz) play for you?
I have been a Forst resident for many years and have also been involved in the sports club for many years. Forst is a small, fine, quiet town, we can live well here.

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