Exklusive shopping = After-Work-Shopping


Why did you take over the business?
I took over the business from an acquaintance in 2017 when she had to give it up for personal reasons. The decision was made very quickly. Since then, a lot has changed in my life. I had to learn a lot about responsibility, planning and much more.  It was a jump in the cold water. Before that, there were some changes in my life, but I was never self-employed in all that time.

What’s your professional background?
I learned a restaurant manager, for some time I worked in the field service and in the last years I worked as a saleswoman in the retail trade. It didn’t satisfy me, didn’t fill me up. I wanted to try something else again. Now I’m where I want to be.

What do you like best?
The contact with the customers, it’s just fun to find the right jeans for every one.

Who are your typical customers?
It is mainly regular customers who appreciate the personal contact, who like to be advised. Unfortunately, younger clients don’t come to the shop as often. Today, the time is such that younger people simply no longer go to the stores, but prefer to buy on the Internet. It would be nice if more of Forst’s citizens would come into the shops. This will bring more life back into the city centre and thus increase its attractiveness.

What role does the city Forst play for you?
Forst is my hometown. I like the city and the surroundings.

Do you have ideas to make the store more present and attractive?
I offer a “girlfriend shopping” once in a while. A group of women (or of course also men) come to me after closing. With sparkling wine and appetizers, you can stroll through the shop and try it on in peace.

At Katrin’s Treff – Jeans Mode we know the problems of work and shopping:
You come home from work and there’s no time left for relaxed shopping. We want to offer this shopping experience – even after a working day! For you and your friends we open our door exclusively and invite you to shop outside our usual business hours in a very relaxed atmosphere.
Whether it’s work colleagues, a group of girls, a men’s get-together or a family outing – for groups of 4 or more, we reserve Katrin’s Treff exclusively for you and offer you an extraordinary shopping experience.
Just make an appointment with us for an after-work shopping.

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